Perfection Microblading & Shading Training – 1 Day

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What is Perfection Microblading & Shading Training?

Perfection Microblading & Shading Training addresses the most common problems and biggest challenges of microblading. In this course you will perfect your existing knowledge and learn how to apply different brow hair patterns using the ‘Spine’ technique.

Who is this course suitable for?

The Perfection Training is aimed at all microblading artists who would like to expand their existing knowledge. This further training is recommended as it covers a wide range of techniques and skills.

In the Perfection Training, artists will learn to use different tools and methods to achieve a variety of effects – from soft shading to dramatic looks to suit individual client requirements.

Our training offers you a comprehensive and interactive experience to improve and deepen your skills.

We place great emphasis on you applying what you have learnt directly and consolidating it through practical exercises.

Therefore we offer you:

  • Practical exercises on latex to familiarise you with different patterns. These exercises allow you to deepen your skills and explore a wide range of patterns, such as: S-Pattern, Male Brows, Asia Spine, Spine 3, Middle Spine, Upper Spine.
  • Direct demonstrations on the model by our Master who will share her expertise and techniques.

After the live course:

  • Three months of individualised follow-up support from our Master Vesna, who will help you to consolidate your skills, clarify any unanswered questions and provide you with further guidance.
  • An official certificate of participation as proof of your advanced skills, confirming your participation and successful completion of the training.
  • A starter kit to help you get started with the advanced techniques and equip you with the necessary tools and materials to get started right away.

Summary of the course

  • Latex – Exercises, Demo Model
  • 3 Months: Online Support
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